DDAL09-02 Stopped at the Gate (Tier 1)

Jeux de rôle | D&D Adventurers League | 3 - 7 joueurs

Convention: MythCon 2019
Début: dimanche - 12:00
Fin: dimanche - 2:00
Maître de jeu: Chevaks
Location: Montreal Masonic Memorial Temple
Chambre: Adventurers League HQ
Age minimum: Adolescent (13+)
Langage: Bilingue

It’s been a long, arduous trip, but you’re finally here—Baldur’s Gate. You’re not out of peril yet, however, even if you’re leaving the lawless wilds behind you, the streets of the Gate still run red with blood. But you quickly find that arriving at the city wasn’t the biggest challenge at all, now you must convince the city’s rulers to grant asylum to you and those in your charge. Part One of the Betrayal is in the Blood series of adventures. Adventure Designer: Andrew Bishkinskyi Level Range: 1-4 (optimized for 3rd level) You will need a D&D Adventurers League legal character — please visit https://dndadventurersleague.org/start-here/playing/ for more information. If you don't wish to bring or create your own, lots of pre-generated characters will be available at MythCon.