DDEP09-01 Infernal Pursuits (Tier 1 & 2) Table 5

Jeux de rôle | D&D Adventurers League | 3 - 7 joueurs

Convention: MythCon 2019
Début: vendredi - 6:00
Fin: vendredi - 10:00
Maître de jeu: Thu Le
Location: Montreal Masonic Memorial Temple
Chambre: Adventurers League HQ
Age minimum: Adolescent (13+)
Langage: Bilingue

A horse race in Baldur’s Gate becomes a hellish battle on infernal war machines in Avernus when the characters get caught between an evil merchant and his warlord rival. Time to hang on for dear life! D&D Epics are exciting multi-table events where participants cooperate in a “mass raid” of truly EPIC proportions; as every table works toward the same goal, individual tables act as squads that might take on different tasks, possibly affecting other tables or unlocking side quests needed to progress the event. Written by: Will Doyle, James Introcaso, Shawn Merwin Level Range: 1-4 (optimized for 3rd level) & 5-10 (optimized for 8th level) Note: You will need a D&D Adventurers League legal character — please visit https://dndadventurersleague.org/start-here/playing/ for more information. If you don't wish to bring or create your own, lots of pre-generated characters will be available at MythCon.