Submission Guidelines

We accept event submissions from any attendee with an online account; if you wish to submit an event, you will need to either log in or create a new account on the site.

Submitting an Event

Once you submit an event, it will show up in our system as 'Under Review'. Our organizers regularly go through events in the order in which they have been received. Not all events are guaranteed to be accepted for the con. The following criteria may affect whether an event is accepted.

  • General constraints on time and space.
  • Too many of one kind of event.
  • Very high player demand for other event types.

MythCon is also meant to be a welcoming con for new players. As such, the following types of games will receive preference.

  • Cooperative games (instead of PvP games).
  • Games which are friendly to new players and which do not require previous experience with the game system.
  • Games which run under the umbrella of a moderated society, such as Pathfinder Society or Adventurers League.
  • Games which do not touch on edgy topics; we have nothing against edgy games in general, but they require lots of organizer attention to moderate properly, and our on-the-floor attention is limited in supply.

Once your event has been accepted, its status will change to "Confirmed." It may or may not have a location assigned yet.

When your event is live on the site and open to public view, its status will change to "Active."


MythCon is a purely volunteer, non-profit event. Neither organizers nor gamemasters receive any monetary remuneration from the event, and we do our best to keep badges at-cost. That said, we do give gamemasters a deal on badges, depending on how many events they run.

  • Gamemasters who run the equivalent of a single 4-hour tabletop game receive 5$ off of a full-weekend badge.
  • Gamemasters who run the equivalent of two 4-hour tabletop games receive a free weekend badge.

Running an Event

  • You are required to show up on time to your room or table to run your event. If you are at a different event, you can show up right at the beginning of your event, but you cannot be late. If the event you are attending runs over, you will have to leave in order to get to your event.
  • You will have access to a list of your players before your event begins. Players who have explicitly reserved a spot at your table must be given preference; open slots are doled out on a first-come, first-serve basis to other attendees. If a player with a reserved spot does not show up within 10 minutes, you may give their spot away. Players with reserved spots who show up more than 10 minutes late are at the mercy of you and the other players; you are not obliged to give the spot back to them at that point unless their sob story is really good, or they successfully bribe the guy that took their spot with candy.
  • You must provide all materials for your event, unless otherwise specified in your event description.
  • As a gamemaster, you are required to adhere to our code of conduct, explained on our Con Policy page. Please take the time to read through this page; gamemasters who violate this code of conduct may have their events cancelled and their badges revoked.
  • Part of your responsibility as a gamemaster is to make sure your players are comfortable. If one of your players is making another player uncomfortable, you are expected either to try and address the matter directly, or to refer the matter to an organizer immediately.
  • If a player harasses you, you are entitled to all of the same protections. Please feel free to come get an organizer if a player is making you uncomfortable.