CCC-GSP-NTHR01-01 A Night of Sorrows (Tier 3)

Role-Playing Game | D&D Adventurers League | 3 - 7 players

Convention: MythCon 2019
Start Time: Sunday - 4:00 PM
End Time: Sunday - 6:00 PM
Gamemaster: Antoine Richard
Location: Montreal Masonic Memorial Temple
Room: Adventurers League HQ
Age Requirement: Teen (13+)
Language: Bilingual

A small settlement on the outskirts of the Cormanthor forest called Dusklight has recently called for aid in defending against monstrous creatures that have begun attacking. Their leader, Kyria, believes they may be coming from the nearby ruins; a fragment of the ancient city of Thultanthar. Is this just a coincidence, or is there something more sinister at work here? Kindly donated to MythCon by Paul Gabat (GSP) prior to DMSGUILD release Written by: Greasy Snitches, Mikel Alexander Barrenechea Level Range: A 2-Hour Adventure for 11-16 Level Characters. You will need a Tier 3 D&D Adventurers League legal character — please visit for more information.