CCC-GSP01-02 Brotherhood (Tier 1)

Role-Playing Game | D&D Adventurers League | 3 - 7 players

Convention: MythCon 2019
Start Time: Saturday - 12:00 PM
End Time: Saturday - 2:00 PM
Gamemaster: Kate Ruscito
Location: Montreal Masonic Memorial Temple
Room: Adventurers League HQ
Age Requirement: Teen (13+)
Language: English

Ragvala, an ancient gold dragon and the founder of the Five-Leaf Clover is dead. A funeral ceremony will be held in 3 days before he becomes one with the earth. Rokstasha, his friend and a djinni has asked the help of the adventurers to find the other members of the Five-Leaf Clover if they are still alive and have them attend the ceremony. Don’t be late! Part 2 of the Clover Group Series. Kindly donated to Mythcon by Paul Gabat (GSP) prior to DMSGUILD release Written by: Greasy Snitches, Paul Gabat Level Range: A 2-Hour Adventure for 1-4 Level Characters. You will need a D&D Adventurers League legal character — please visit for more information. If you don't wish to bring or create your own, lots of pre-generated characters will be available at MythCon.