Dieu est Mort

Role-Playing Game | TORG (Fate Conversion) | 3 - 5 players

Convention: MythCon 2019
Start Time: Saturday - 12:00 PM
End Time: Saturday - 4:00 PM
Gamemaster: Courtney Trudel
Location: Montreal Masonic Memorial Temple
Room: Arkham
Age Requirement: Teen (13+)
Language: English

A religious cyberpunk dystopia from another reality has overtaken most of France -- mais, vive la resistance! Traitors from the other side and those loyal to earth’s original reality have made common cause to reclaim a small part of France from the ubiquitous Godnet and its tyrannical evangelist, Pope Jean Malraux. Heretics from Core Earth, the Nile Empire, and even the fantastical medieval realm of Aysle must go undercover within the Cyberpapacy to upload a virus which might just strike the first real blow against the sinister anti-Pope.